"Network to introduce a Love departement in the Swedish Government"

No limit, bounds or restrictions.
All is welcome and all is with us.

MOTTO; Peace, Happiness and unconditional LOVE to all being, everywhere

VISION; One world society association built on unconditional LOVE.

GOAL; one Lovedepartement in the Swedish government,
located in Norrbotten in the north of Sweden,
aiming to change the direction of Sweden
promote all good powers.
Next step is to spread these ideas to other countries.

Purpose; We remind each other about what we already know.

Device; the fruits of earth belongs to all of us and no one owns Mother Earth.

Method: Learning community during meetings, seminars, and dialogs.

Pure LOVE a basic industry.

We are building the first love station in Norrbotten, the north county of Sweden.

Your contribution, your thought
We wish your contribution as following thought:
"I wish of all my heart that we introduce a Love department
and I know that it is possible"
Those who affect hearts will change the world.


When you have a chance, vote for LOVE